Touching People, Changing Lives!
  • "As an employer of massage therapists in Louisville, I am always excited to see Louisville School of Massage on a resume. These applicants get placed at the top of the interview list. I know how well trained and prepared these graduates are because I am also a graduate of the program. When I choose to hire a graduate from LSM, I have found that they are ready to hit the ground running and require little guidance when it comes to providing an effective therapeutic massage."

    -Colleen O'Connor
  • "I am proud to say I graduated from Louisville School of Massage with a deep understanding of the muscles, bones, nerves, pathologies and massage techniques. The teachers are extremely helpful and offer a range of ways to learn the information while offering hands-on experience. I was also taught how to run a business successfully and how to massage for life without physical burnout."

    -Laurel Fleury
  • "I could not have asked for a better program than the massage therapy program at Louisville School of Massage. It provided me with the knowledge, the courage, and the support that I needed to create and establish a successful career as a LMT. Thanks LSM Staff, for everything!"

    -Melissa Crites
  • "The Louisville School of Massage is an excellent professional program of massage therapy with a dedicated staff of instructor/therapists, each of whom are each genuinely concerned with the student's success in the program. Staff are always available for students and many lasting friendships are made between classmates and instructors. Academic study and clinical hours with the larger Louisville community makes it a successful program reaching far beyond its own walls. It is worth the investment of money, time and talent."

    -Michael Montgomery
  • "I love this school! I love these amazing people... I love massage therapy. I would not trade this experience for anything."

    -Nicole Harding
  • "The instructors teach with great pride in this way of life. It was a great SHIFT in my life."

    -Shayne Fisher
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