Touching People, Changing Lives!
  • "As an employer of massage therapists in Louisville, I am always excited to see Louisville School of Massage on a resume. These applicants get placed at the top of the interview list. I know how well trained and prepared these graduates are because I am also a graduate of the program. When I choose to hire a graduate from LSM, I have found that they are ready to hit the ground running and require little guidance when it comes to providing an effective therapeutic massage."

    -Colleen O'Connor
  • "I am proud to say I graduated from Louisville School of Massage with a deep understanding of the muscles, bones, nerves, pathologies and massage techniques. The teachers are extremely helpful and offer a range of ways to learn the information while offering hands-on experience. I was also taught how to run a business successfully and how to massage for life without physical burnout."

    -Laurel Fleury
  • "I could not have asked for a better program than the massage therapy program at Louisville School of Massage. It provided me with the knowledge, the courage, and the support that I needed to create and establish a successful career as a LMT. Thanks LSM Staff, for everything!"

    -Melissa Crites
  • "The Louisville School of Massage is an excellent professional program of massage therapy with a dedicated staff of instructor/therapists, each of whom are each genuinely concerned with the student's success in the program. Staff are always available for students and many lasting friendships are made between classmates and instructors. Academic study and clinical hours with the larger Louisville community makes it a successful program reaching far beyond its own walls. It is worth the investment of money, time and talent."

    -Michael Montgomery
  • "I love this school! I love these amazing people... I love massage therapy. I would not trade this experience for anything."

    -Nicole Harding
  • "The instructors teach with great pride in this way of life. It was a great SHIFT in my life."

    -Shayne Fisher

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Massage Therapy?

If you love helping others, want a financially rewarding career with the flexibility to fit your lifestyle, and are interested in the alternative and complementary health care field, then Massage Therapy could be the perfect career choice for you! As a Licensed Massage Therapist you'll make a positive impact in the lives of others. Further, there are incredible opportunities to work in a wide variety of settings, or set your own hours and operate your own business. As a Licensed Massage Therapist you can take control of your life and career in a rapidly growing field.

Why The Louisville School of Massage?

  • We specialize in Massage Therapy Training. It's all we do.
  • We focus on massage. We love massage.
  • We are committed to making our program better every time we do it.
  • Our program is strongly academic as well as deeply practical. Our faculty has many years of practical experience both in practice and in teaching which we bring to class every time we teach.
  • We are all committed to staying current on the latest information in the massage therapy field.

Do you have Job Placement?

We have been training Massage Therapists for over 25 years and employers love our graduates! As such, when they're looking they let us know. We post job openings at the school and distribute them to our current students and graduates. We receive calls from Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, pain management clinics, fitness centers, medical doctors, spas and salons. Our job referral information is always located on campus and posted on our website.

How long has the Louisville School of Massage been established?

Brent Williams began training Massage Therapists in 1986. The LSM program grew out of those initial trainings. LSM became the first Kentucky state approved Massage Therapy program in 1991.

How long will it take to complete the program?

You can complete the program is as little as 11 months. We have an 11, 15, 18,24 and 27 month plan, depending on how you schedule your classes.

Are books and other materials included in the tuition?

No. Books and other materials and requirements are at additional cost. Total additional costs typically run less than $500 over the length of the course.

Do you have financial assistance?

  • Yes. Most students use our convenient, interest free payment plan, making monthly payments and paying off tuition over the length of the program. You may also spread the payments out after graduation with our low interest repayment plan.
  • We are approved for all Veteran's Benefits and accept many Vocational Rehabilitation programs.
  • We accept cash checks, and most credit cards.
  • We do not currently administer Federal Financial Aid programs.

Why don't you accept Federal Financial Aid?

  • Schools that accept Federal Financial Aid typically charge 2 to 3 (or more!) times the amount of tuition that we do at LSM. Not accepting FFA allows us to keep our tuition low and our program accessible to those who may not qualify for Financial Aid.
  • When looking at schools that accept Federal Financial Aid be sure to ask about incidental charges not covered.

Do I need an Associates Degree to practice “Medical Massage”?

  • The short answer is, “No”.
  • There are a couple of things that need to be considered in answering this question.
    1. There's no standard definition of “medical massage”. It's one of the current buzz words in our profession. Usually the term is used to mean the ways we assess and understand what is currently causing the client pain, and, if massage therapy is an appropriate intervention, what and where we work to give our clients the most benefit. It may also be called clinical massage, or orthopedic massage. This approach has been at the core of our training as long as we've been teaching massage therapy. Some schools will try to convince you an associates degree is necessary and charge you a whole lot more money to provide it for you.
    2. The only thing you need to practice massage is the appropriate credential for the state in which you practice. In Kentucky that would be the state license. Having an associates degree is not necessary. Most employers we know aren't looking for a degree, just your license, and in what school you graduated from. Prospective employers know and love our graduates!

Do you have evening classes?

Day and evening classes are scheduled throughout the week.

When do classes begin?

Classes begin four times a year, January, April, July, and October.

How large are your classes?

We have small classes so you'll get lots of personal attention and feed back from the instructors.

If I have training from another massage program, can I transfer credit to your program?

  • The Louisville School of Massage will grant credit for past work in college level or equivalent experience related to the academic subjects (Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology) required to complete the program. The student must have studied the subject matter within the last 7 years and must pass an examination given by the school at an additional cost. If the student doesn't pass the 'test out' exam the cost will be credited toward the cost of class tuition.
  • If the exemption examination is passed satisfactorily (85% is required to pass the exam) full credit will be given for the course. Tuition for the remainder of the program will be prorated accordingly. A student wishing to test out should communicate this intention in writing prior to enrolling in the class.
  • Since the academic courses taught at the school are focused on the massage profession we do not encourage exemption.
  • Credit for the hands-on courses will be given special consideration in cases where the student transfers directly from another ABMP or AMTA approved massage school.

If I decide to move out of state to work as a massage therapist, will my training at LSM be in compliance with other state laws?

  • Many states, including Kentucky, use the National Certification Examination and/or the Massage Board Licensing Exam (MBLEx) for their licensing credential. Other states have their own licensing process, or requirements in addition to the national tests. Our program exceeds the requirement for most states. Some states will have reciprocity with Kentucky, others will not. We will work with graduates toward fulfilling the requirements of each state.
  • If you know you're going to be moving to another state, it's a good idea to find out what their licensing requirements are before enrolling in our program.

Kentucky State Licensing law only requires 600 hours of training for a license. Why is your program 750 hours?

  • At LSM we're committed to thoroughly prepare you for your career in Massage Therapy. Our profession is rapidly growing as a Complementary Healthcare Modality and we find ourselves working closely with MD's, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and other primary healthcare providers. As such, you need to be thoroughly grounded in a variety of Massage techniques, assessment skills, anatomy, physiology, pathology and much more. Even our graduates working in a salon or spa setting find they frequently encounter clients with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries, etc. They must know what these are and whether or not it's appropriate to work with them.
  • Many schools can give you the basics, or prepare you to pass a test. If that's all you're interested in doing, please attend one of those schools. If, however, you're interested in excelling as a Massage Therapist, exceeding national standards, and are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, we ask you to consider our school.

How is your school different from others?

  • We are guided by the beliefs:
    • that humans are physical/mental/emotional/spiritual beings, and that massage touches and effects all of these aspects...
    • that massage is a powerful tool for personal and global transformation...
    • that a career as a massage therapist is a vocation or calling, not just a job...
    • that massage therapy is both a science and an art...
    • that practicing massage therapists, massage therapy teachers, and students of massage therapy should be cognizant of their own transformational journey...
  • Our teachers are committed to personal and professional growth and to providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for learning massage as well as for healing and change.
  • Our goal is to provide outstanding preparation for a successful massage therapy career while positively transforming the lives of students.
  • We take our motto, “Touching People, Changing Lives” seriously, not only for the clients we work on, but for ourselves and our students.

Be careful, the life that is changed might be yours!

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